Quran in Albanian

Quran in Albanian Radio station is the people’s preference online radio station. This radio station broadcasts from Tirana, Albania. Here provide informative programs on Quran, Talk, and Islam. This radio station broadcasts the translation and meaning of the Quran in the Albanian language with a broad description. The station is owned by Electronic Da`wah Committee (EDC) in Kuwait.

The aim of this station is to spread Islamic Programs, Talk Shows, and related information. After several years of work, the commission succeeded in making a complete translation of the Quran; in style being loyal to the original and linguistically richness of the Arabic al-Quran text. This station gives you information and sounds like no-one else can. Quran in Albanian Radio broadcasts to the greater Albania area and beyond. FM Live Radio team is pleased to have Quran in an Albanian radio station on its website. Listen Quran in the Albanian radio station and fly the spiritual universe.

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Quran in Albanian
Quran in Albanian