Radio Lindja

About Radio Lindja

Country: Albania

Genres: Albanian, dance, folk, pop

Radio Lindja is an Albanian radio station broadcasting from Tirana, Albania. Here provides Dance, Folk, Albanian music, and Talk programs. With a great mix of Albanian music and classical dance music, this radio station has something for all discerning music lovers. The vision of this radio station is to play what its listeners want to listen to or how to amuse or entertain the listeners with quality programs. With songs from the popular music artists of Albania and from the whole world, Radio Lindja is all set to take you to an amazing musical world.

Listen to Radio Lindja online for free with FM Live Radio. It provides a twenty-four-hour mix of several genres and styles of music. Radio Lindja is an Albanian radio station that plays 24 hours a day. Tune in on Radio Lindja from Albania. It broadcasts a wide variety of genres such as Albanian, dance, folk, pop. To make the listeners connected with the music and news world they decorate their playlist with songs and programs that the audience will love. The official website is

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Radio Lindja
Radio Lindja