Radio Logos 94.2 FM

About Radio Logos 94.2 FM

Country: Albania

Genres: Christian, gospel, talk

Radio Logos 94.2 FM is an internet-based broadcast radio station from Pogradec, Albania, providing Religious, Christian, Gospel music, and Education based programs. Radio Logos aims to spread God’s Word so that as many listeners as possible will come to know the wonderful Bible truths. Radio Logos encourages listeners and seeks to help them understand that they need Jesus as the Savior of their lives and helps believers to ‘grew up in their walk with the Lord. Practical lessons and sound doctrine are an important part of Radio Logos.

It is a radio service from the Bible Assembly in Pogradec that began in 2006 and is a great blessing to its listeners. This wonderful ministry opportunity began in the year 2006 and has since been a source of blessing to many people of Albania. Radio Logos can be heard in Pogradec on the frequency 94.2 FM, in Librazhd at 100.3 FM and in the area of ​​Mokra as well as in Korça at 103.5 FM. Radio Logos can also be heard anywhere via the internet as well as in various formats for various mobile devices.

Radio Logos 94.2 FM is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Radio Logos 94.2 FM. Radio Logo staff invites its listeners every day to enjoy the sweet music and varied programs to find spiritual refreshment, peace, love, and relaxation through the message it conveys. It broadcasts in the Albanian language. You can listen to many different types of programs in genres such as Christian, gospel, talk. The official website is

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Radio Logos 94.2 FM
Radio Logos 94.2 FM