Radio Positive Gold FM

About Radio Positive Gold FM

Country: Albania

Genres: pop, top40

Positive Gold FM radio brings you the most excellent music from last half-century, especially focused on the ’70s and 80’s music 24 hours of pure music lounge. Here you can find Albanian civic, folk music, pop, top40, etc. Here listeners can explore various kinds of popular classic songs and golden music that are still very popular among classical music lovers. This radio station is very popular in Albania and the radio broadcaster is well known for its various kinds of radio programs.

Positive Gold Radio station started its operation on 1st March 2010. It was first aired on 101.7 FM, in a still new format in Kosovo, 24 hours of quality music – which covers a golden period of world music, focusing mainly on the 80s.

Where the GOOD music lives! Listen to Radio Positive Gold FM online for free with FM Live Radio. Radio Positive Gold FM is an English radio station that plays 24 hours a day. Tune in on Radio Positive Gold FM from Albania. It broadcasts a wide variety of genres such as pop, top40. It also brings nonstop music and current world news. The official website is

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Radio Positive Gold FM
Radio Positive Gold FM