Radio Zeri

About Radio Zeri

Country: Albania

Genres: news, pop

Radio Zeri is an internet radio station broadcast from Mitrovica, Albania, providing news and hit music. It is a non-profit radio station conducted in accordance with the community reported on local and global issues, representing Albanian music and culture. By its community programs it maintaining a positive spirit in the society. Along with news and hit music different programs are available here. They are trying to decorate their programs with their own framework and tons of music. It is a very popular online radio station in Albania.

Listen to Radio Zeri for free online with FM Live Radio. It broadcasts programs in genres including news, pop. Here you can find broadcast 24 hours various kind of latest Albania famous classical, hip hop, dance, alternative, etc. music live from their own radio station. Dedicated to listeners worldwide to listen to programs in the Albanian language from Albania. Their music collection is very rich and they do not want to use any English here. The official website is

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Radio Zeri
Radio Zeri