About RadioDeqani

Country: Albania

Genres: Albanian

RadioDeqani is Albanian music and news based radio station broadcasts from Albania. It offers 24 hours mixture of a number of styles as well as types of songs. As Albania has its own gorgeous tradition of music and culture, RadioDeqani most of the time tries to play songs and arrange programs that going to represent its own tradition of music and culture. Here you can find friendly voices of the community programs plus a wide range of music, including classical, contemporary, jazz, country, and also national and international news.

Tune in online RadioDeqani for free on FM Live Radio. RadioDeqani is an Albanian radio station that is live 24 hours. It broadcasts its programs to decorate its playlists for a socially and culturally diverse audience. Tune in to the radio station on RadioDeqani from Albania. Enjoy endless programs in Albanian genres. The station plays all the music you love while striving to keep up with the desires of its listeners.

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