Radio 10

Buenos Aires has lots of quality rich radio stations based on music and various social affairs. Radio 10 is among those popular radio stations giving its listeners 24 hours of live programs on news, talk, Latin, pop and other forms of music. Its news programs are critically acclaimed for their up to date presentation of local, national and international affairs in an unbiased manner. Their talk shows too have huge dedicated fan base. The radio aired for the first time at February 2, 1998 making it one of the oldest radio stations of the city with huge followers still today. It’s a Spanish language-based radio with the slogan “Always The Radio”. Yes, whenever you tune in to the radio you will get pure radio listening experience free from any annoying distortion. This Argentina’s leading online radio also broadcasting live on 710 AM. Their musical programs are equally loved by the music fans of Argentina which makes it one of the most versatile radio for both news and music. Their programs with Litto Nebbia, Cecilia Roseto as presenters are very popular.

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Facebook: radio10

Wikipedia: Radio_10

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: 4535-4000

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Radio 10
Radio 10