Radio Disney

Radio Disney is an online radio station broadcasting from Montevideo, Uruguay. The radio is owned by “The Walt Disney Company” and walt disney owns lots of radio stations throughout various countries in Latin America. This is among those radio station from Uruguay. Has lots of contents for their audiences and the radio broadcasts all day long various kinds of hits formg enres like Dance, Pop, Top 40, Rock and many more. The targeted listeners group of the radio are mainly youth and adolescents. Except for few counties only the radio can be accesed and enjoyed by online radio listeners from acroos the globe. If you are ssearching fo a radio for young generation of todays then Radio Disney form Uruguay is a great radio to consider. With Radio Disney you can wake up with the music from your favorite country.

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Facebook: RadioDisneyLA

Wikipedia: Radio_Disney_Latin_America

Language: Spanish

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Radio Disney
Radio Disney