Arabesk FM

Arabesk FM

Arabesk FM is a radio station in Turkey that focuses on providing a diverse range of programs, particularly in the genres of folk and Turkish music. Arabesk is a genre of Turkish music that combines traditional Turkish folk elements with Arabic musical influences. It contributes to the growth and evolution of these musical genres. This radio station aims to cater to the preferences of its audience by offering a mix of content that reflects the rich cultural and musical heritage of Turkey.

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Arabesk FM Programs

The station broadcasts programs dedicated to Arabesk music, featuring popular songs from well-known artists within the genre. Here also features dedicated programs showcasing traditional Turkish folk songs. It hosts interviews with Arabesk musicians and singers, providing listeners with insights into their creative process, influences, and experiences in the music industry.

In addition to music, the station includes cultural content, such as discussions on the cultural significance of Arabesk music and its impact on Turkish society. It also covers live events, concerts, and festivals related to Arabesk and Turkish folk music.  Here also provides news updates and other relevant information.

Arabesk FM Aim

The station aims to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Turkish musical traditions. This diversity allows the station to engage different segments of its listener base. It strives to establish a strong connection with its audience by featuring content that resonates with their cultural identity. It engages with its community through events, promotions, and collaborations.


Country: Turkey

Genre: folk, Turkish

Language: Turkish

Arabesk FM
Arabesk FM
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