Big R Radio – Latin Pop

Big R Radio - Latin Pop
United States

Big R Radio – Latin Pop is an online radio station situated in the United States of America. Here provides a wide range of music programming, with a focus on Latin pop music. Latin pop is a musical style that combines aspects of Latin American music and pop music, resulting in a colorful and catchy musical style that has achieved worldwide acclaim. Its mission is to showcase the blend of Latin and Pop music, to unite diverse groups, and to present listeners with an entertaining and culturally rich musical experience.

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Big R Radio – Latin Pop Programs

The station specializes on broadcasting a wide variety of Latin pop music, with singers and songs from all around Latin America. Tracks by well-known Latin pop musicians such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and others can be expected. Aside from mainstream Latin pop, the station also plays songs from other Latin genres such as reggaeton, salsa, bachata, and others. This range assures that there is something for every Latin music fan.

Crossover hits in both the Latin and mainstream pop music industries are common in Latin pop. This radio station’s repertoire includes these crossover tunes, as well as a mix of English and Spanish material. On its website, it also provides live streaming, allowing fans to tune in and enjoy Latin pop music in real-time. This opens it out to a global audience.

Big R Radio – Latin Pop Aim

The goal of this radio station is to present its listeners with an interesting and culturally rich musical experience that embraces the blending of Latin rhythms with appealing melodies and modern Pop sounds. It provides a venue for both artists and fans of Latin Pop to come together and share their passion for this exciting and colorful music.


Country: United States of America

Genre: pop, Latin

Language: Latin, English

Big R Radio - Latin Pop
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