CAPP FM, broadcasting from Cotonou, Benin it’s one of the most listened commercial private radio stations from the country. CAPP FM 99.6 is broadcasting in French with programs on news and talk as well as music too. It started its journey more than Twenty years ago. On October 6, 1998 and today it has solidified its name as one of the most popular radio in the country with love from thousands of listeners. A new voice was raised in the radio space of the country. Capp Fm was born. One radio among many others, the very first in any case, activating a state law: the demonopolization of the audiovisual space in the Republic of Benin. This radio is start of a new era in Benin’s radio space. Today it has its own dedicated fanbase and programming packed with authentic news, talk shows and music on the go. The presentation of their African Music is highly applauded by their listeners.

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Facebook: radiocappfm

Twitter: @cappfm

Language: French

Contact Number: +229 21 33 35 03

Address: Abokicodji en face du centre Lazaret. Cotonou, Benin

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