ORTB is a public social, cultural and scientific medium with well-regarded personality of their fields to run the shows at ORTB. This one here is the radio station from the company and ORTB FM focuses on various kinds of contents on social, international, entertainment, economy, sport, health affairs and last but not the least Music too. Day to day life related topics presented by the radio is loved by all the listeners across Benin. It broadcasts in French as most of their desired listeners speaks in French. The ORTB along with its radio wing is under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Communication. It is headed by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by presidential decree. ORTB radio is filled with news, views, talk and musical contents. They are popular for broadcasting pop and top 40 genre based musical programs around the clock.

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Facebook: ortbinfo

Twitter: @ortb_info

Language: French

Contact Number: +229 21 30 10 47

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