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Hott FM is rich in both musical and news based programs and if the situation demands, they tries their best to aware people throughout their programs. Hott FM to most of its listeners is better known for its presentation of great quality musical programs on genres like pop, rock, dance, rnb, hip hop, oldies etc. Its broadcasting from Hamilton, Bermuda in English. Hott FM 107.5 FM is a lovely radio station to not only the listeners of  Bermuda but also to the listeners across the globe. Listeners love their programs packed with musical punch and just the right amount of balance between its musical, news and talk based programs. Hott FM is always looking forward to its listeners feedback to bring more creative programs for them all day long. Morning Drive, Magic Morning, The Ladies Room, Let’s Talk About It and The Kulcha Radio Show are its popular programs throughout the day. And all the shows are presented by very friendly and energetic presenters like Ninja Cutty, Beverley Howes, Nikita Robinson, Terri2Kool, Spear Chucka and the Kulcha Crew.

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Facebook: hott1075

Twitter: HOTT1075

Instagram: hott1075bermuda

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 441-297-1075

Address: 49 Union Square Mall Hamilton, Bermuda

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Hott FM
Hott FM