Rádio Santa Luzia

About Rádio Santa Luzia

Country: Brazil

Genres: Brazilian, entertainment, news, pop, talk

Rádio Santa Luzia is a music and community program based radio station broadcasts from Santa Luzia, Brazil. It is a Brazilian radio station in the municipality of Santa Luzia, state of Paraíba. Here you can find various mixed programs, the listener rapidly listens to poetry, forró pé de serra, forró electric, MPB, romantic music, brega music and various Latin and cultural music programs. As a community radio station, here also air ethnic communities, Aboriginal programs, religious programs, sport, local news and interviews etc. Radio Slogan: The young wave of success (A onda jovem do sucesso).

Enjoy all the broadcasts of Rádio Santa Luzia for free online with FM Live Radio. Present Radio Frequency 104.9 MHz FM. Rádio Santa Luzia is one of the most popular 24 hour Portuguese radio station. It went on the air on September 6, 2002, with Anchieta Lima as its first director. You can listen to many different types of programmes in genres such as brazilian, entertainment, news, pop, talk from Brazil. It provides the best of specialist music, community and arts programs. Official website is

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Rádio Santa Luzia
Rádio Santa Luzia