Radio Coran

Radio Coran is the most popular online Islamic radio from Algeria that focuses on programs that are based on the Quran and sunnah of Prophet(PBUH). Listen Radio Coran Online. Radio Coran is broadcasting for the people and listeners of Algeria. It aims to bring the word of Allah to listeners who are looking for peace, spirituality, Arabic programs, Islamic music, and recall. Listeners from around the world can tune into this station which is broadcasting in the Arabic language. Radio Coran provides Islamic talk shows and explanations on various Islamic topics, series of audio lectures and recitation of the holy book Quran. The radio starts its everyday broadcasting with beautiful Quranic recitation and its recitation based programs cover’s over 6 hours of air time every day. This radio station was first aired on Friday of Al-Fatih Muharram of the year 1412 AH corresponding to July 12 of 1991 AD, the voice of the Qur’an was heard loudly through its broadcasting as an Algerian radio. Popular Arabic radio station for Muslims in Algeria and in the world.

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Twitter: @CoranDz

Language: Arabic

Contact Number: +213 23 70 90 12

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Radio Coran
Radio Coran