Radio Skikda

Radio Skikda is an Algerian online radio, a complete solution to news-based radio listeners of the country. Skikda Radio started broadcasting its programs via the FM wave on November 15, 2003 and now its also a full fledged Algerian web radio too. It covers all kinds of national news as well as this radio is also a great source for news on international, social, political, entertainment, sports, health and other affairs. Nowadays it’s not enough to cover news only for a modern day news media, talk shows on hottest happening matters is what engages listeners the most and Radio Skikda has plentiful of information rich and deeply analyzed talk shows to engage its listeners with the topics important to Algeria and the world.  It also includes extensive coverage of various competitions and sports activities. Radio Skikda is distinguished by its richness and diversity through its programs.

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Language: Arabic

Contact Number: +213 38 75 77 54

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Radio Skikda
Radio Skikda