Radio France Maghreb 2

All generations together on France Maghreb 2! Information, news, service, music and entertainment are the strengths of France Maghreb 2. In 1987, later on, it became a commercial radio station in 2002, under the name “France Maghreb”. Renewed in 1997, it became a commercial radio station in 2002, under the name “France Maghreb”. France Maghreb 2 was created, in the form of associative radio. Radio France Maghreb 2 is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in France. The radio has day-long programs on various topics and broadcasts Arabic, Community, Entertainment related programs most of the time. You can listen to many different types of programs on genres such as pop, news, top40. Information, service, music, and entertainment are the strengths of this radio station. Genre: pop, news, top40. Radio slogan is: “Inform, debate, entertain”, the team applies this slogan in addition to advocating living together. As its programs are diverse in nature and topics, its listeners are too of various tastes. Some like their news programs, some loves the entertainment program, some talk shows and some love the playful musical programs Radio France Maghreb 2 presents around the clock.

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Link To Podcast: https://francemaghreb2




Twitter: @fmaghreb2

Instagram: francemaghreb2

Language: French

Contact Number: +33 1 47 97 97 21

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Radio France Maghreb 2
Radio France Maghreb 2