Janko Hrasko

Janko Hrasko

Janko Hrasko Radio Station in Slovakia offers a rich array of folk and ethnic programs that celebrate the country’s cultural heritage and diversity. The station serves as a platform for traditional music, dance, customs, and storytelling, catering to a wide audience interested in preserving and exploring Slovakia’s folk traditions. It seeks to preserve and promote traditional folk music, dance, customs, and rituals, while also embracing the dynamic evolution of ethnic identities in contemporary Slovakia.

Its official website – www.jankohrasko.sk/

Janko Hrasko Programs

Listeners tuning in to The Radio can expect to hear a vibrant mix of traditional Slovak folk music, featuring various regional styles and instruments such as the fujara (a long shepherd’s flute), the fujarovo (a smaller version of the fujara), and the cimbalom (a type of dulcimer). These musical offerings often include lively dance tunes, soulful ballads, and spirited performances by local folk ensembles and artists.

In addition to music, it also airs programs that delve into the cultural practices and customs of Slovakia’s diverse ethnic communities. These programs might explore traditional Slovak folklore, rituals, holiday celebrations, and culinary traditions, providing listeners with insights into the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

Janko Hrasko Aim

It aims to provide a platform for folk and ethnic programming that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Slovakia and its diverse communities. Through its folk and ethnic programs, it serves as a vital platform for preserving and promoting Slovakia’s cultural heritage while fostering a sense of pride and connection among its listeners. Whether it’s through music, storytelling, or discussions about customs and traditions, the station offers a window into the soul of Slovakia’s vibrant folk culture.


Country: Slovakia

Genre: folk,ethnic

Language: Slovak

Janko Hrasko
Janko Hrasko
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Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slovensky.folklor