Panjab Radio is a UK-based radio station that caters to the South Asian community, particularly those of Punjabi and Indian descent. The station aims to provide a diverse range of programming, including talk shows, music, and cultural content. It is known for offering a diverse range of programming, including talk shows, music, and cultural content.

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Panjab Radio Programs

This radio station provides talk shows that cover a variety of topics relevant to the South Asian community, including discussions on current affairs, cultural issues, and community events. These talk shows often feature experts, community leaders, and individuals with knowledge in specific fields.

Bhangra, a lively and energetic form of music and dance originating from the Punjab region, is a significant part of this Radio’s content. The station plays a mix of traditional and contemporary Bhangra music, catering to the musical tastes of its audience. In addition to Bhangra, this Radio typically features a wide array of Indian music, ranging from classical to contemporary. This reflects the diverse musical preferences within the South Asian community.

The station hosts cultural programs that showcase the rich heritage of Punjabi and broader South Asian culture. It engages with its audience by promoting community events, providing information on local services, and encouraging community participation.

Panjab Radio Aim

The station serves as a platform to connect the South Asian diaspora in the United Kingdom with their cultural roots. It aims to provide a well-rounded entertainment experience by offering a variety of music genres beyond Bhangra. It engages with its audience through community events, promotions, and partnerships. By actively participating in the community, this Radio fosters a sense of belonging among its listeners and strengthens its role as a cultural hub.


Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Genre: talk, bhangra, Indian

Language: Hindi

Panjab Radio
Panjab Radio
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