Radio Aleksandar Makedonski

Radio Aleksandar Makedonski

Radio Aleksandar Makedonski is a well-known radio station noted for its varied programming that concentrates on folk and ethnic music. It is an online radio station broadcasting from the Republic of North Macedonia. With a mission to conserving and promoting Macedonia’s and the Balkan region’s cultural history, this station provides a unique platform for listeners to connect with their roots and enjoy a wide range of traditional music genres.

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Radio Aleksandar Makedonski Programs

Folk music has a special place in the hearts of Macedonians People. This radio station’s programs reflects the history, customs, and emotions of the local communities. This radio station is critical in exposing the numerous sides of folk music, including songs that commemorate life’s milestones such as weddings and festivals.

Ethnic music is also available in this section. It shows the region’s diversity by incorporating music from diverse ethnic groups and cultures that have coexisted in Macedonia for generations. This comprises music from many Macedonian communities, as well as influences from neighboring nations including Albania, Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria.

From soulful ballads to vibrant dance tracks, this station provides a diverse selection that appeals to a wide range of listeners. From the older generation to the younger generation interested in learning about their cultural history from this station.

Radio Aleksandar Makedonski Aim

This radio station’s programming is offer listeners a balanced blend of classic and current folk and ethnic music. Through the enticing melodies and rhythms of folk and ethnic music, this radio station serves as a bridge between the past and the present, linking Macedonians and people from the wider Balkan region to their cultural roots.


Country: Republic of North Macedonia

Genre: folk, ethnic

Language: Macedonian

Radio Aleksandar Makedonski
Radio Aleksandar Makedonski
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