Radio Buca

Radio Buca

Radio Buca in Serbia offers a vibrant array of folk programs that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the region. These programs serve as a platform for traditional music, dance, and storytelling, preserving and promoting the diverse folk traditions that are deeply rooted in Serbian history. It serves as a platform for promoting grassroots cultural initiatives and supporting local folk artists and performers.

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Radio Buca Programs

Listeners tuning in to the radio station can expect to hear a wide range of folk music genres, including traditional Serbian folk songs, kolo dances, and instrumental pieces performed on traditional instruments such as the gusle, tamburica, and accordion.

In addition to music, Radio Buca’s folk programs also delve into the cultural significance of folk traditions through interviews with folklorists, historians, and community members who share insights into the customs, rituals, and folklore that shape Serbian identity. Listeners learn about the origins of specific folk songs, the symbolism behind traditional costumes and dance styles, and the role of folk music in commemorating important events and milestones in Serbian history.

Radio Buca Aim

By providing exposure to traditional folk music and dance forms, Radio Buca contributes to the preservation and revitalization of Serbia’s folk heritage, ensuring that these traditions continue to thrive and resonate with audiences both within the country and beyond its borders.


Country: Serbia

Genre: folk

language: Serbian

Radio Buca
Radio Buca
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