Radio Intens

Radio Intens

Tune in to Radio Intens for a captivating journey into the heart of Romanian folk music with their program, “Folk Harmonies of Romania.” Immerse yourself in the timeless melodies and vibrant rhythms that celebrate the cultural tapestry of Romania. Folk music programs typically showcase a diverse range of traditional and contemporary folk music. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of a region or country. The station is a vibrant and dynamic platform that takes pride in showcasing the rich tapestry of Romanian folk music.

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Radio Intens Programs

Explore the roots of Romanian folk music with classic tunes performed by local artists and renowned folk ensembles. The programming includes a curated selection of traditional folk tunes, modern interpretations, and interviews with local artists and musicians.

Through its folk music programs, the station strives to create a sense of community. It connects listeners with their roots and fosters an appreciation for the artistic expressions that passed down through generations. Dive into the diverse regional flavors of Romanian folk music, from the pastoral sounds of Maramureș to the lively rhythms of Moldova.

Radio Intens Aim

The primary aim of this radio station is to serve as a cultural ambassador. It offers listeners an immersive experience into the traditions, stories, and melodies that define Romania’s folk music landscape. With a mission to celebrate and preserve the nation’s cultural heritage, the station is dedicated to providing its audience with a diverse range of folk music programs.

Join us on Radio Intens as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Romanian folk music, weaving together tradition and innovation for an unforgettable listening experience!


Country: Romania

Genre: folk

Language: Romanian

Radio Intens
Radio Intens
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