181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock)

181.FM The Buzz
United States

181.FM The Buzz is an alternative rock radio station situated in the United States that aims to provide its listeners with a distinctive and dynamic listening experience. The station is dedicated to promoting alternative rock music, a genre noted for its eclectic and non-mainstream sound. With an emphasis on variety, innovation, and a commitment to bringing the newest in alternative rock, the station hopes to be a go-to destination for lovers of the genre both in the United States and throughout the world.

181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock) official website – www.181.fm/

181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock) Programs

This radio station specializes in alternative rock music. This genre is noted for its experimentation and invention, and it frequently incorporates music that pushes the boundaries of mainstream rock. The station takes pride in providing a wide playlist that encompasses several subgenres of alternative rock. Indie rock, punk rock, post-punk, grunge, shoegaze, and other styles are included.

This radio station is committed to keeping you up to date on the hottest alternative rock releases. They hope to present their audience to new and exciting music, keeping the station at the forefront of the genre. It also offers live streaming, so listeners from all around the world can tune in and enjoy their favorite alternative rock songs.

181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock) Aim

This radio station attempts to create a community of alternative rock fans. It is a radio station situated in the United States that promotes and celebrates alternative rock music. This station attempts to appeal to fans who enjoy the non-traditional and rougher side of rock music. It promotes independent and lesser-known alternative rock musicians by promoting their music and providing a platform for them to reach a larger audience.


Country: United States of America

Genre: alternative rock

Language: English

181.FM The Buzz
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