Afrika Pulaar Radio

Afrika Pulaar Radio

Afrika Pulaar Radio focuses on promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Pulaar people, who are a major ethnic group in the West African region. It aims to serve the Pulaar-speaking community in Senegal and possibly beyond. It serves as a hub for discovering and promoting local talent, including musicians, poets, storytellers, and other artists.

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Afrika Pulaar Radio Programs

The station provides a platform for the community to communicate and share information. Music plays a significant role, featuring traditional Pulaar music as well as contemporary styles that resonate with the audience. The station hosts cultural programs, including discussions on Pulaar traditions, history, folklore, and customs. To engage listeners, the station airs entertainment shows featuring Pulaar comedians, storytellers, and musicians. These shows blend traditional elements with modern entertainment formats.

The station likely keep the community informed about local events, news, and developments relevant to the Pulaar-speaking population in Senegal. Programs include announcements about cultural festivals, community gatherings, and more. The station also includes educational content, such as language lessons, discussions on important issues, and interviews with experts in various fields, contributing to the overall development of the community.

Afrika Pulaar Radio Aim

This radio station aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Pulaar-speaking community. It offers a variety of entertainment programs, including music shows, talk shows, and possibly drama or storytelling.


Country: Senegal

Genre: Culture

Language: French

Afrika Pulaar Radio