Afro Zim Radio, situated in Zimbabwe, is a vibrant and diversified radio station that provides a vast range of programs to a diverse audience. This radio station has become a cultural center for music and news enthusiasts alike, thanks to its unique blend of genres and programming.

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Afro Zim Radio Programs

This radio station broadcasts a wide range of pop music from both local and international musicians. Listeners can enjoy a combination of popular melodies that keep them amused and up to speed with the current music trends, ranging from snappy chart-toppers to indie pop gems.

This channel provides thorough news coverage to keep its audience informed. This contains local, national, and international news segments to keep listeners up to date on current events and significant developments. It hosts interesting chat shows on a variety of themes ranging from politics and economics to culture and leisure.

This radio station is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Zimbabwean and African folk music. Listeners can connect with their cultural roots and appreciate the region’s rich musical legacy by listening to traditional melodies and rhythms. The station also broadcasts reggae music, which not only entertains but also promotes the positive sentiments and feelings connected with the genre.

This radio station also broadcasts Arabic programming, catering to Zimbabwe’s Arabic-speaking community. This show includes music, news, and cultural content that is relevant to this demographic.

Afro Zim Radio Aim

This radio station seeks to be an open and dynamic radio station that appeals to a wide variety of listeners by incorporating such a diverse range of genres and material. Whether you want music, news updates, informative talks, or a cultural excursion, this station strives to deliver it all while cultivating a feeling of community and connection among its listeners.


Country: Zimbabwe

Genre: pop, news, talk, folk, reggae, Arabic

Language: English

Afro Zim Radio

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