AVTO FM 107.7: The Leading Radio Station in Azerbaijan.

In the vibrant and culturally rich landscape of Azerbaijan, AVTO FM 107.7 stands as a beacon of quality radio broadcasting. AVTO FM has made a lasting impact on the Azerbaijani radio landscape. It takes pride in their ability to connect with listeners, provide them with top-quality content, and become a trusted part of their daily lives.


AVTO FM was launched in 2nd October 2013 as a radio station dedicated to car enthusiasts and drivers. The platform aimed to offer quality music and information for the road, expanding its audience and content to appeal to a wider audience. It participated in social and cultural events in Azerbaijan.


Its vision is to be the leading radio station in Azerbaijan that provides diverse and innovative music and programs for its listeners. It also strives to be a platform for promoting Azerbaijani culture and talent to the world. The radio aims to be Azerbaijan’s leading source of entertainment and information, improving programs, engaging with the community, and staying ahead of technological advancements in broadcasting.


It broadcasts music along with informative and operative information about roads. Furthermore, It’s a dynamic musical radio broadcast that entertains listeners around the clock with proper info and discussion on the road for drivers across the country. Listeners can also get the latest auto news and updates through its day long programs.

Some of the programs are:

  • AVTO Morning: A morning show that features news, weather, traffic, sports, and entertainment. It also plays upbeat and energetic music to start the day.
  • AVTO Drive: A program that accompanies the listeners during their drive time. It plays popular and catchy songs from different genres and eras. It also provides useful tips and information for drivers and travelers.
  • AVTO Retro: A program that plays nostalgic and classic hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It also features interviews and trivia about the artists and songs.
  • AVTO Mix: A program that mixes different styles and genres of music, from rock to electronic, from pop to dance. It also showcases new and emerging talents from Azerbaijan and abroad.
  • AVTO Night: A program that plays relaxing and soothing music for the night time. It also features stories, poems, and jokes to entertain the listeners.


AVTO FM has a team of experienced presenters who are passionate about music, cars and road info. Some of the most popular presenters include:

  • Elnur Niftiyev
  • Elvin Hüseynov
  • Pərviz Abdullayev
  • Nərgiz Cəlilova
  • Fərid Əliyev

This is one of the most popular radio stations in Azerbaijan. It has a listenership of over 1 million people.

AVTO FM is a popular radio station in Azerbaijan, providing information and entertainment for car enthusiasts. With experienced presenters and relevant programs, it significantly impacts the automotive industry and is a leading source of information in the country.

Website: avtofm.az

Email: info@avtofm.az

FaceBook: avtofm

Twitter: @avtofm1077

Instagram: avtofm

Language: Azerbaijani

Contact Number: +994 12 310 01 04

Address: Heydər Əliyev prospekti 137a, Bakı, Azərbaycan

Frequency: 107.7 FM

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