Listen to Capital Radio Online, It’s the Voice of Cyrus!

Capital Radio is a popular radio station in Cyprus. It started broadcasting on 96.1 and 101.4 FM. Today it airs at 93.8 FM and online. The radio started broadcasting in 1998 as the first private radio station in the country. Since the beginning the radio has become a leading source of entertainment, information, and music for the Cypriot listeners.


Capital Radio from Cyprus broadcasts a very diverse range of radio programs. For its coverage of a wide range of topics and music genres, it has easily become one of the most popular online radio among listeners of all age groups. The radio has gained one of the highest number of listener ship stat among all the radio stations in Cyprus.

It features a lively and upbeat show that features the latest news, weather, traffic, and music to start your day. Also, airs fashion and lifestyle show that covers the latest trends, tips, and celebrity news. A countdown of the top 10 songs of the week, as voted by the listeners. For the party goers, it airs a mix of the hottest R&B, hip hop, and dance hits to keep you grooving. The radio also features a wide selection of the best songs from different genres and eras, curated by the Capital Radio DJs. It hosts a show that brings you the best of European music, from pop to rock to indie.


Capital Radio was founded in 1998 by Capitalcity Publishing Ltd. It’s a media company that also owns Capital TV and Capital Magazine. It was the first private radio station in Cyprus, aiming to provide a fresh and alternative voice to the public.  Capital Radio quickly gained popularity and recognition for its quality programming, professional staff, and innovative approach.

Today, Capital Radio is one of the most popular and listened to radio stations in Cyprus, with a large and diverse audience.


Language: Turkish

Frequency: 93.8 FM

Capital Radio