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ERA Sport is a popular Greek sports radio station. This station broadcasts sports programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is one of the country’s leading sports broadcasters, providing extensive coverage of various sporting events as well as sports-related news, analysis, and debate. It’s sports-focused programming, engaging programming, and interactive approach make it a popular choice among sports fans looking to stay informed and connected to the world of sports.

ERA Sport is well-known for providing in-depth coverage of live sporting events. Follow the action of domestic and international matches, championships, tournaments, and competitions by tuning in to the station. Its official website is –

ERA Sport – Programs

ERA Sport is solely dedicated to sports content, covering a wide range of sports such as football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, tennis, Formula 1, and others. The station has a diverse lineup of programs that cater to sports fans’ interests.

This radio station keeps its listeners up to date on the latest sports news and developments. It offers frequent updates on transfers, injuries, team lineups, and other pertinent information. Press conferences and interviews with athletes, coaches, and sports personalities are also covered by the station. Listeners can participate in discussions about tactics, strategies, player performance, and other aspects of sports.

This radio station occasionally broadcasts special features and exclusive interviews with well-known athletes, coaches, and sports figures.

ERA Sport – Aim

The ERA Sport radio station strives to provide its listeners with comprehensive and engaging sports coverage. The station is dedicated to providing the most recent sports news, updates, analysis, and discussions. Its primary goal is to entertain, inform, and connect with sports fans, keeping them informed about the world of sports.

Its aims to cover a diverse range of sporting events, leagues, tournaments, and matches, whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, cricket, rugby, or any other popular sport.


Country: Greece

Genre: pop, talk, sports

Language: Greek and English


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