Evidence Online

Evidence Online

Evidence Online is a dynamic French radio station that caters to music enthusiasts with a diverse taste in genres. It offers an eclectic mix of pop, jazz, soul, and funk, providing listeners with a rich auditory experience that spans across different musical eras and styles. The station curates its playlist to include both classic hits and contemporary tracks, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

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Evidence Online Programs

The pop selection on the station features a blend of current chart-toppers and timeless classics. The station aims to capture the vibrant and catchy essence of pop, appealing to a wide audience with its upbeat and infectious melodies.

Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of jazz styles, from smooth and mellow to more upbeat and experimental tracks. The station highlights both legendary jazz musicians and emerging artists, providing a comprehensive jazz experience. Its soul segment is rich with deep, emotive tracks that resonate with the heart. Featuring iconic soul legends as well as modern soul artists, the station ensures that the soulful vibe remains strong and captivating.

Funk music on the station brings energetic and groovy rhythms to the forefront. The station’s funk playlist is designed to get listeners moving, featuring funky basslines and infectious beats that define the genre. It provides a seamless listening experience with high-quality streaming and minimal interruptions. The station’s programming is thoughtfully curated to keep the audience engaged, whether they are tuning in for a specific genre or enjoying the diverse mix throughout the day.

Evidence Online Aim

It is a versatile and engaging radio station that stands out for its diverse musical offerings. Whether you are a fan of pop, jazz, soul, or funk, the station delivers a rich and satisfying listening experience.


Country: France

Genre: pop, jazz, soul, funk

Language: French

Evidence Online
Evidence Online
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