ABC Lounge Radio

ABC Lounge Radio

ABC Lounge Radio is a popular French online radio station. It focuses on playing lounge, chillout, and easy-listening music. Its primary goal is to provide its listeners with a soothing and relaxing musical experience. By playing a diverse selection of music, including jazz, bossa nova, ambient, and other genres that promote a laid-back vibe, the station aims to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

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ABC Lounge Radio – Programs

ABC Lounge Radio gently and refinedly accompanies you throughout the day and frequently at night. There are lounge, folk, new age, and news programs available here. The musical program on this station will introduce you to and appreciate talented international artists, as well as melodious sounds of jazz, folk, pop, and relaxing instrumental. Allow yourself to be lulled by this delightful sound and join the thousands of fans who have already been impressed by this wellness elixir.

This radio station creates an idle atmosphere that blends in perfectly with your daily activities. This digital radio, which is free for iOS and Android, will quickly become indispensable to your ears.

ABC Lounge Radio- Aim

ABC Lounge Radio is well-known for its high-quality audio stream and carefully curated playlist, making it a popular option for listeners looking to unwind or create a relaxing atmosphere. The station’s website and various streaming platforms are accessible worldwide. This radio station strives to provide a seamless audio experience, whether you’re looking for background music while working, studying, or simply relaxing.

This radio station can be accessed via their official website, where you can listen to their live stream or browse their collection of recorded shows and podcasts. It is also available on various radio directories and mobile applications that provide online radio streaming.


Country: France

Genre: lounge, folk, new age

Language: French

ABC Lounge Radio

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