Mistral FM

Mistral FM

Mistral FM is a radio station based in France that offers a diverse array of programming, catering to a wide audience with its mix of rock and pop music, as well as news and talk shows. It stands out as a dynamic and versatile radio station that balances music with informative and entertaining talk shows, making it a popular choice for listeners who enjoy a blend of rock, pop, and insightful discussions.

Mistral FM official website – www.mistralfm.com

Mistral FM Programs

Mistral FM features a carefully curated selection of rock and pop music, spanning both classic hits and contemporary tracks. The station aims to appeal to a broad demographic by mixing well-loved anthems with the latest chart-toppers, ensuring there’s something for every music fan. There are specific time slots dedicated to deep dives into particular genres or themes, such as classic rock hours, pop throwback segments, and new music showcases, giving listeners a rich and varied listening experience.

The station provides up-to-date news bulletins that cover both local events in the regions it serves and significant national stories. These news segments are designed to keep listeners informed about important happenings around them. In addition to local and national news, the station also features updates on major international events, ensuring a well-rounded news coverage.

The station hosts talk shows that delve into current affairs, discussing the latest developments in politics, economy, and social issues. These programs often feature expert guests, interviews, and listener call-ins to provide multiple perspectives on the topics at hand. Beyond hard news, the station offers shows focused on lifestyle, culture, and entertainment.

Mistral FM Aim

It aims to offer a diverse and engaging listening experience by combining a variety of musical genres such as rock and pop with informative content like news and talk shows.


Country: France

Genre: rock, pop, news, talk

Language: French

Mistral FM