Radio Kerne

Radio Kerne

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Radio Kerne is broadcasting for the people and listeners of France. Listeners from around the world can tune into this station which is broadcast in French language. Users can listen to their dedicated different types of programs in genres such as talk, and folk. This radio’s official website is

Country: France Genre: talk, folk
Genre: talk, folk.

Radio Kerne: Embrace Breton Culture Through Music

Vibrant Breton Tunes Await: Immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Brittany with this radio, where vibrant tunes await to transport you.

Celebrate Breton Heritage:

Join us in celebrating the cultural heritage of Brittany through a diverse selection of music and programming.

Connect with Breton Community:

Connect with fellow Breton enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the unique traditions and spirit of this vibrant region.

Tune into Authenticity:

Experience the authenticity of Breton culture through our engaging content and curated playlists.

Keep the Breton Spirit Alive:

Whether you’re near or far, This radio keeps the Breton spirit alive, 24/7, bringing the heart of Brittany to your ears.

Radio Kerne