Irulegiko Irratia

Irulegiko Irratia

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Irulegiko Irratia is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in France. It broadcasts in the Basque language. You can listen to many different types of programs in genres such as pop, news, and hits. This radio’s official website is

Country: France
Genre: pop, news, and hits.

Irulegiko Irratia: Your Gateway to Basque Culture

Dive into Basque Rhythms: 

Experience the pulsating beats of Basque music with this radio’s dynamic playlist.

Celebrate Basque Heritage: 

Join the celebration of Basque traditions, language, and music with our vibrant programming.

Connect with the Basque Community: 

Engage with fellow Basque enthusiasts, artists, and musicians, fostering a sense of unity and pride.

Explore Authentic Content: 

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the Basque Country through our curated content, featuring traditional folk tunes and contemporary sounds.

Elevate Your Experience: 

Whether you’re a local or a global listener, It promises to elevate your cultural journey through the vibrant sounds of the Basque Country.


Irulegiko Irratia