Radio – RTV FM

Radio - RTV FM

Tune in to RTV FM, the pulse of France’s vibrant music scene! From the heart of France, the station is your ultimate destination for dance, electronic, and pop beats that ignite your soul and get you moving. With its finger on the pulse of the latest trends and the hottest hits, the station brings you the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, whether you’re hitting the dance floor or simply grooving to the rhythm of life.

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Radio – RTV FM Programs

The station aims to create a vibrant sonic landscape pulsating with the rhythms of dance, electronic, and pop music. With an unwavering dedication to keeping its audience grooving, it serves as a beacon for music enthusiasts seeking a lively auditory experience. Through its eclectic selection of tunes, the station fosters a sense of community among listeners, uniting them through the universal language of music. With every track carefully curated to ignite passion and evoke emotions, this radio station endeavors to make every moment a memorable musical journey for its audience.

Radio – RTV FM Aim

Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in the infectious beats of electronic tracks, sway to the catchy melodies of pop hits, or simply immerse yourself in the dynamic world of dance music, the station promises to be your ultimate destination. Let the infectious melodies and irresistible beats of the station transport you to a world where the party never stops and the music are always on point. Turn up the volume and let the station be the soundtrack to your day!


Country: France

Genre: dance, electronic, pop

Language: French

Radio - RTV FM