Frequence Slave

Frequence Slave

Frequence Slave is a French radio station that provides comprehensive coverage of Ukrainian news and culture. The station aims to connect French-speaking audiences with the latest developments in Ukraine, offering a mix of news, analysis, and cultural programming. It engages with the Ukrainian community in France, providing a platform for their voices and experiences. This helps to foster a sense of community and keeps the diaspora connected to their homeland.

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Frequence Slave Programs

The station delivers timely news bulletins on the political, economic, and social situation in Ukraine. This includes updates on the ongoing conflict, diplomatic efforts, and other significant events affecting the country. The station features programs dedicated to Ukrainian culture, including music, literature, and art. These programs often include interviews with Ukrainian artists, authors, and cultural figures, providing insights into the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The station offers in-depth analysis and commentary on current affairs in Ukraine. Experts and analysts are invited to discuss various issues, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the context and implications of news events. It also broadcast special features and documentaries that explore historical and contemporary topics related to Ukraine.

Frequence Slave Aim

Its mission is to foster solidarity and understanding between France and Ukraine, contributing to a more informed and empathetic global community. It plays a crucial role in promoting understanding and appreciation of Ukrainian culture in France, while also keeping the audience informed about important news from Ukrain.


Country: France

Genre: Ukrainian

Language: French, Ukrainian

Frequence Slave
Frequence Slave
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