Gakku FM

Gakku FM

Gakku FM is a popular radio station in Kazakhstan that broadcasts pop music. It caters to music fans who enjoy contemporary hits, catchy melodies, and vibrant tunes and has a large listener base. It is a popular radio station in Kazakhstan known for playing a wide variety of pop music. Tuning into this radio station while driving, working at your desk, or simply relaxing at home can provide an enjoyable and vibrant pop music experience. It is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Kazakhstan.

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Gakku FM Programs

This radio station broadcasts a mix of popular pop tracks throughout the day, including new releases, chart-toppers, and all-time favorites. This radio station keeps up with current music trends by updating its playlist on a regular basis to reflect the ever-changing pop music landscape.

It’s programming also includes entertaining and engaging radio hosts who infuse their shows with enthusiasm and personality. They tell interesting stories, give music news, and interact with listeners through dedications, requests, and contests. This fosters a sense of community and connects listeners to the station and its content.

Gakku FM Aim

This radio station aims to provide a diverse range of pop music and Kazakh culture from both domestic and international artists, resulting in a dynamic playlist that appeals to a wide audience. This station’s goal is to provide a captivating listening experience whether you like upbeat dance tracks, heartfelt ballads, or energetic pop-rock anthems.


Country: Kazakhstan

Genre: pop

Language: Russian

Gakku FM

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