Gool FM

Gool FM

Gool FM is a prominent radio station in Somalia known for its diverse programming, including sports and news segments. The station has gained popularity for its commitment to delivering up-to-date information and entertaining content to its audience. It aims to keep its audience well-informed about current affairs and developments affecting their communities. By maintaining high standards of journalism and programming excellence, the station endeavors to make a positive impact on the Somali media landscape.

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Gool FM Programs

In its sports programs, the station covers a wide range of local and international sports events, including football (soccer), basketball, athletics, and more. The station provides live commentary, match analysis, interviews with athletes and coaches, as well as discussions on various sports-related topics.

In addition to sports coverage, it also offers comprehensive news programs. These segments feature the latest news headlines from Somalia, the Horn of Africa region, and around the world. The station covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, social issues, and cultural events.

Gool FM Aim

It aims to serve its audience with a diverse range of programming, primarily focusing on sports and news content. With a commitment to delivering timely and accurate information, the station strives to keep its listeners informed about both local and international events. Listeners appreciate the station’s dynamic programming, professional presentation, and commitment to quality journalism. Whether they tune in for the latest sports updates or to stay informed about important news events, audiences trust Gool FM to deliver timely and reliable content.


Country: Somalia

Genre: Sports

Language: Somali

Gool FM
Gool FM
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