GTC Radio

GTC Radio

GTC Radio is a popular Grenada-based radio station. It has established itself as a leading radio station in the region due to its diverse news programming and commitment to quality content. This station offers a diverse range of informative and entertaining shows to its listeners’ thanks to its extensive coverage and dedicated team of professionals.

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GTC Radio – Programs

GTC Radio takes pride in broadcasting the essence of Grenada, highlighting the city’s news, artistic, musical, and intellectual heritage. It has a variety of shows that cater to different interests and demographics. The program includes interesting interviews with local celebrities, discussions about social issues, and a curated selection of music from various genres.

This radio station covers a wide range of topics throughout the day in order to appeal to its diverse audience. There are sections dedicated to news updates, sports coverage, and cultural events taking place in and around Grenada. It also hosts interactive talk shows where experts and specialists discuss topics such as health and wellness, technology, politics, etc.

GTC Radio – Aim

GTC Radio has a loyal and dedicated following in Grenada due to its commitment to delivering high-quality news and informative content. Listeners can access their favorite shows and stay up to date on the latest news and events via the station’s website and mobile app. This station remains a reliable source of information, entertainment, and cultural enrichment. This radio is an important part of the Granada broadcasting landscape.


Country: Grenada

Genre: news

Language: English

GTC Radio
GTC Radio
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