Spiceislander Radio

Spiceislander Radio

Spiceislander Radio is a popular radio station known for its pop music and diverse programming. It caters to the Caribbean community and beyond. Based on the island of Grenada, this radio station aims to connect listeners with the Caribbean region’s rich culture, music, and news.

This radio station serves as a platform for both local and international artists, showcasing a variety of genres such as reggae, soca, calypso, dancehall, and others. This radio station is dedicated to promoting Caribbean music and exposing talented musicians. Spiceislander Radio official website is – spiceislanderradio.com

Spiceislander Radio – Programs

Users can listen to a variety of programs in genres such as pop, rock, and classic music. Aside from music, it provides entertaining talk shows, discussions, and interviews on a variety of topics of interest to the Caribbean community.

This station’s commitment to community engagement is one of its most notable features. It serves as a trustworthy source of information, informing the community about local news, weather updates, etc. This station celebrates the vibrant spirit and diverse heritage of the Caribbean through music, talk shows, and community involvement.

Spiceislander Radio – Aim

The primary goal of this radio station is to promote and preserve Grenada’s and the Caribbean region’s rich cultural heritage. It aims to bring people from various backgrounds together and to provide a platform for cultural exchange, entertainment, and educational content.


Country: Grenada

Genre: pop

Language: English

Spiceislander Radio

Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiceislanderradio