GTriddim Guyana Radio

GTriddim Guyana Radio

GTriddim Guyana Radio is a popular radio station based in Guyana, a country on South America’s northern coast. It’s a platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating Guyanese music, culture, and entertainment. The radio station primarily broadcasts various genres of music from Guyana and the greater Caribbean region.

This radio station is well-known for its energetic and dynamic presentation style. The radio hosts are experienced professionals who entertain the audience with lively commentary, contests, and giveaways, ensuring that every listener feels connected to the music and the radio station. It’s official website is –

GTriddim Guyana Radio – Programs

This radio station broadcasts a wide range of musical genres such as reggae, soca, dancehall, chutney, calypso, hip-hop, and others. Listeners can tune in to their dedicated programs in genres such as rnb, hip-hop, reggae, and soca.

This radio station offers listeners engaging and informative content in addition to music. It broadcasts interviews, debates, and talk shows with well-known artists, DJs, and cultural icons.

GTriddim Guyana Radio – Aim

GTriddim Guyana Radio is an important platform for the promotion of Guyanese music, culture, and talent. It is important in instilling a sense of national pride, highlighting the diversity of Guyana’s music scene, and connecting Guyanese people both at home and abroad through the power of music. This radio station also contributes significantly to the preservation and promotion of Guyanese cultural heritage through music.


Country: Guyana

Genre: RnB, hip-hop, reggae, soca

Language: English

GTriddim Guyana Radio
GTriddim Guyana Radio
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