ICTunes is a Saudi Arabian radio station that broadcasts a unique blend of religious and mainstream music programming. This station caters to a diversified audience by integrating traditional and modern features in its programs to appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. This station seeks to find a mix of traditional and contemporary entertainment while reflecting the region’s cultural diversity and religious traditions. ICTunes powers Islamically inspired music and sounds!

Website address – www.islamicity.org/

ICTunes Programs

This radio station devotes a considerable percentage of its airtime to religious programming, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s strongly ingrained Islamic culture. Here are expert Quranic reciters who recite lines from the Holy Quran in a lovely manner. This part seeks to spiritually inspire the audience and to foster a strong connection with Islamic beliefs.

Prominent religious academics and imams have been asked to offer their knowledge and perspectives on a variety of Islamic subjects. These lectures provide listeners with religious education and advice. The station broadcasts popular Islamic songs, or nasheeds, from the region. These songs frequently communicate messages of religion, devotion to Allah, and affection for the Prophet Muhammad.

To cater to a broader audience, this radio station delivers pop music programming to balance out the religious material. Here’s a playlist of popular Arabic pop songs from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. These songs range in musical style from contemporary pop to classic tunes.

ICTunes Aim

By merging these two seemingly opposing elements—religious and pop music—this radio station hopes to produce a one-of-a-kind listening experience that represents the cultural variety and shifting interests of its Saudi audience. It aims to find a balance between tradition and contemporary, providing its listeners with a mix of spiritual and entertaining programming.


Country: Saudi Arabia

Genre: Islamic, Pop

Language: Arabic

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Contact Details

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