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KREM Radio is a Belize City radio station operating on the F.M. band at 96.5, 91.1 and 101.1 MHz since November 17, 1989. It is the first private radio station in Belize, and is owned by Kremandala Ltd., a media group that also publishes the Amandala newspaper and operates Krem Television.

This is a prominent radio station known for its independent and critical coverage of news, current events, and its dedication to promoting social justice and human rights.


KREM Radio, founded by journalist and human rights activist Evan X Hyde, was created after his dismissal from Belize Radio in 1987. Hyde founded Kremandala Ltd. in 1988 and broadcasted KREM on November 17, 1989. The station gained popularity and is now one of the most listened-to radio stations in Belize.


KREM Radio offers a variety of programs covering news, current affairs, sports, music, culture, health, education, and environment. Popular programs include Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes, the Kremandala Show, Sunday Review, WUB Sports, and the Krem Music Awards. Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes features news updates, interviews, discussions, music, and phone-in segments. The Kremandala Show focuses on political and social issues affecting Belize and the region. The Sunday Review reviews major events and stories.


KREM Radio aims to be a prominent media outlet in Belize, promoting democracy, human rights, social justice, and cultural diversity. Its mission is to inform, educate, entertain, and empower the people through quality programming reflecting their realities and values. The slogan “The Voice of the People” reflects its dedication to marginalized sectors.


KREM Radio in Belize features a diverse lineup of experienced media personalities, including general manager Evan Mose Hyde, former senator and columnist for Amandala newspaper, sports analyst and commentator Mose Hyde, senior news reporter Sharon Marin, veteran musician Tony Wright, and registered nurse Jenny Lovell. These personalities have a wealth of experience and expertise, including hosting the Kremandala Show, Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes, WUB Sports, Sunday Review, Krem Music Awards, and Health Matters.

KREM Radio has significantly influenced Belize’s media and society, raising awareness and stimulating debate on issues like democracy, corruption, human rights, poverty, crime, education, health, environment, culture, and the Garifuna culture. It has also promoted and preserved Belize’s diverse musical and cultural heritage.



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Language: English

Contact Number: (501)-202-4409

Address: 3304 Partridge Street, Belize City

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