Kurd Mix

Kurd Mix

Kurd Mix is a radio station based in Sweden that caters to the Kurdish community. It offers a diverse range of programming, including folk music and cultural content aimed at preserving and celebrating Kurdish heritage. It aims to cater to the cultural and informational needs of the Kurdish community both within Sweden and globally.

Its official website – www.kurdmix.com/

Kurd Mix Programs

One of the main attractions of this radio station is its folk music programs. Folk programs offered by Kurd Mix typically focus on traditional Kurdish music, dance, art, and literature. These programs feature traditional Kurdish music, which encompasses a wide array of styles and genres reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the Kurdish people.

In addition to folk music, Kurd Mix also broadcasts programs that focus on Kurdish culture, history, and current affairs. These programs provide a platform for discussions about issues affecting the Kurdish community both in Sweden and around the world.

It also offers Kurdish-language programming covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, social issues, and community news. These programs serve as a valuable resource for Kurds living in Sweden, offering them access to news and information in their native language.

Kurd Mix Aim

Overall, the station serves as a vital cultural hub for Kurds living in Sweden, offering them a connection to their roots through music, language, and community engagement. It plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting Kurdish culture while also fostering a sense of belonging and unity among Kurdish diaspora communities.


Country: Sweden

Genre: folk, Kurdish

Language: Swedish

Kurd Mix
Kurd Mix
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