Rix FM

Rix FM

Rix FM is a prominent Swedish radio station that broadcasts mostly pop music. It is one of Sweden’s most well-known radio stations. Its programming is designed to appeal to a wide range of modern pop music. This radio is well-known for its lively and dynamic programming that appeals to a diverse audience, particularly the younger generation. It has a sizable fan base due to its entertaining programming, colorful hosts, and a varied range of pop music genres.

Website Address – www.ilikeradio.se/rixfm/

Rix FM Programs

The station is well-known for its eclectic pop music selection, which includes a wide spectrum of subgenres within the pop genre. You may expect to hear current hits as well as popular songs from previous decades. It routinely features the most recent chart-toppers, allowing you to keep up with the most popular and trending pop tunes.

The station frequently mixes worldwide chart-topping singles with popular Swedish pop tracks, bringing listeners up to date on the latest music trends and releases.

The station frequently features live performances and entertaining radio personalities that give entertainment and commentary in between songs. Special extras like artist interviews, exclusive album previews, and themed music hours are frequently included in programs, increasing the overall listening experience.

Rix FM Aim

This radio station is a go-to station in Sweden for pop music fans, offering a vibrant and up-to-date collection of tracks and engaging programming to keep its audience delighted and informed about the newest in the pop music scene. Through its participatory and entertaining programs, it acts as a dynamic platform that not only delivers high-quality pop music but also develops a sense of community among its listeners.


Country: Sweden

Genre: Pop

Langusge: Swedish

Slogan: Bäst musik just nu

Rix FM
Rix FM
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Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rixfm/