Marina FM

Marina FM

Marina FM is a popular radio station in Kuwait that broadcasts a wide variety of music genres to its listeners. This radio station is known for its vibrant and engaging programming. It caters to a diverse audience by featuring a variety of musical styles, including dance, pop, folk, and Arabic music. This radio station takes pride in promoting Arabic music. Arabic programs include a wide range of genres such as classical, contemporary, and fusion. It is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Kuwait.

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Marina FM Programs

This station features well-known Arabic artists and plays a mix of well-known and lesser-known tracks. These programs ensuring a diverse representation of the Arab music scene. Dance music programming on this station is distinguished by energetic beats and catchy melodies, making it appealing to listeners who enjoy electronic, house, techno, and other dance-oriented genres. Along with dance music, there is a selection of pop music here, which includes both international hits and local pop artists.

This radio station also recognizes the importance of traditional music and folk genres. This station celebrates Kuwait’s and the region’s rich cultural heritage by playing folk music from Kuwait, the Gulf countries, and other parts of the Arab world. Listeners can connect with their roots and appreciate the traditional sounds and rhythms that have shaped their cultural identity as a result of this.

Marina FM Aim

This station plays popular songs from around the world and aims to keep its listeners up to date on the latest pop music trends. Overall, the programming on this station reflects the station’s commitment to providing a diverse and engaging listening experience that appeals to a wide range of musical tastes in Kuwait and beyond.


Country: Kuwait

Genre: dance, pop, folk, Arabic

Language: Arabic

Marina FM
Marina FM
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