Money FM 89.3

Money FM 89.3

Money FM 89.3 is a radio station in Singapore that focuses on providing financial news, business updates, and talk programs. Here you can find a mix of news, talk programs, and discussions centered on finance, business, and economics. The station covers a wide range of topics relevant to the local and global economy, financial markets, investment strategies, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Money FM 89.3 Programs

The station is known for delivering timely and relevant financial news to keep listeners informed about the latest developments in the business and financial world. This includes updates on stock markets, economic indicators, and corporate news. It features talk programs where experts, analysts, and industry professionals discuss various financial and business-related topics. These discussions cover investment strategies, market trends, entrepreneurship, and other relevant subjects.

You can expect to find a variety of shows featuring expert interviews, market analyses, and discussions on current economic trends. Popular segments include interviews with business leaders, financial experts, and analysts, providing insights into market developments and offering advice on managing personal finances.

Here also includes programs that delve into topics like technology, innovation, and lifestyle from a financial perspective, recognizing the interconnected nature of these elements in the modern world.

Money FM 89.3 Aim

The station aims to cater to an audience interested in finance, business, and economic topics. It offers educational segments aimed at helping listeners improve their financial literacy. This could include tips on personal finance, investment guidance, and information on economic trends.


Country: Singapore

Genre: news, talk

Language: English

Money FM 89.3
Money FM 89.3
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