PolskaStacja Biesiada

PolskaStacja Biesiada

PolskaStacja Biesiada is a Polish online radio station that specializes in folk and traditional music. It is likely to offer a variety of folk programs featuring traditional Polish music. You can find regional folk songs, dance tunes, and popular folk music from various parts of Poland. The term “Biesiada” in Polish refers to a feast or celebration. This radio station is lively and celebratory, in keeping with the festive nature of folk music.

Its official website – www.polskastacja.pl/radiochannel/Biesiada.htm

PolskaStacja Biesiada Programs

This radio station is dedicated to providing a platform for traditional folk music, such as songs, dances, and instrumental pieces rooted in Polish traditions. It frequently includes a mix of classic and contemporary folk tunes, giving listeners a comprehensive understanding of Poland’s diverse folk music traditions.

Polish folk music, such as accordions, violins, and various traditional percussion instruments, can be found here. In addition, the station broadcasts programs that highlight the stories and histories behind specific folk songs, as well as performances by talented folk musicians.

PolskaStacja Biesiada Aim

It aims to preserve and promote traditional music’s rich cultural heritage. It works to preserve and promote traditional folk tunes so that future generations can enjoy them. Folk music’s lively and spirited nature makes it appropriate for festive occasions, and the station may curate programs that enhance the celebratory atmosphere.


Country: Poland

Genre: folk

Language: Polish

PolskaStacja Biesiada
PolskaStacja Biesiada
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