Pretoria FM, a radio station based in Pretoria, South Africa, offers a diverse range of programming catering to various interests of its audience. The aim is to enrich the lives of its listeners through quality programming that informs, entertains, and connects the community of Pretoria and its surrounding areas.

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Pretoria FM Programs

Throughout the day, Pretoria FM keeps its listeners informed of the latest news updates, both locally and internationally. This includes coverage of current events, politics, economy, sports, and more, ensuring listeners stay up-to-date with what’s happening in their city and beyond. The station features engaging talk shows covering a wide array of topics. These include discussions on social issues, community affairs, health and wellness, education, and cultural matters. The talk shows often invite experts, community leaders, and notable personalities to share insights and opinions, fostering meaningful dialogue among listeners.

This radio station celebrates South Africa’s rich cultural heritage by incorporating folk music into its programming. Listeners can enjoy traditional South African folk music, which reflects the country’s diverse ethnic and cultural landscape.  As part of its musical offerings, the station features country music, catering to fans of this genre. Listeners can tune in to hear a mix of classic and contemporary country songs from South Africa and around the world. Whether it’s the twang of a steel guitar or heartfelt lyrics about life and love, country music enthusiasts can find their favorite tunes on the station.

Pretoria FM Aim

Overall, the station strives to deliver a dynamic and engaging listening experience, blending informative content with entertaining music selections to cater to a diverse audience in Pretoria and beyond. It aims to serve its local community in Pretoria and surrounding areas by providing informative, entertaining, and culturally relevant content.


Country: South Africa

Genre: news, talk, folk, country

Language: Afrikaans

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