Pulzus FM 92.1

Pulzus FM 92.1

Pulzus FM 92.1 is a renowned Ukrainian radio station that primarily focuses on presenting exciting and energetic pop music programs. With a varied selection of content, the station is noted for its engaging playlists. These programs incorporate both local and international pop hits, assuring a dynamic and exciting listening experience for its audience.

Website address – www.pulzusfm.eu/

Pulzus FM 92.1 Programs

The primary purpose of this radio station is to entertain and delight its listeners. They accomplish this by playing a wide variety of popular music, keeping their listeners engaged and entertained throughout the broadcasting hours. This station is dedicated to appreciating and supporting pop music. They recognize the popularity of this genre and strive to offer the latest singles, chart-toppers, and legendary Pop songs to its listeners.

This radio station understands the global appeal of Pop music. They seek to appeal to both local and international audiences, making their programming accessible to a wide spectrum of listeners. In addition to music, this station may have interactive and interesting programming such as interviews, listener requests, and contests. This fosters a sense of participation and connection with their audience.

Pulzus FM 92.1 Aim

Pulzus FM 92.1’s mission is to create a dynamic and enjoyable Pop music experience that embraces the genre, communicates with its audience, and stays up to date on music trends. This radio station wants to build a solid relationship with their listeners. They try to develop a sense of community among their listeners through their song choices and entertaining radio personalities, fostering a shared love of Pop music.


Country – Ukraine

Genre – Pop

Language – Ukrainian

Pulzus FM 92.1
Pulzus FM 92.1
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Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PulzusFm/