Radio 4VEH

Radio 4VEH

Radio 4VEH is a popular radio station based in Cap-Hatien, Haiti. It is one of the country’s oldest and most influential radio stations, serving as a beacon of hope, education, and spiritual guidance for the Haitian people. The station’s letter, 4VEH, stands for “La Voix Évangélique d’Hati,” which translates to “The Evangelical Voice of Haiti.”

This radio station was founded in 1950 and has since played an important role in the social, cultural, and spiritual development of Haiti. Throughout the country’s history, it has been a source of information, inspiration, and support.

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Radio 4VEH – Programs

This radio station’s programming covers a wide range of topics, all with the goal of promoting Christian values, encouraging positive change, and addressing community needs. Listeners can tune in to a variety of programs in genres such as Christian, pop, news, talk, and sports. The station airs a wide variety of programs, including news, educational content, health advice, agricultural information, and entertainment.

To uplift and inspire listeners, the station combines religious teachings, Bible readings, devotionals, and gospel music. Aside from spiritual content, this website also offers educational programming on topics such as literacy, health, agriculture, and community development.

Radio 4VEH – Aim

One of the primary goals of this radio station is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Haiti. Its mission is to provide Haitians with meaningful and impactful radio programming. This station works with local and international organizations to provide relief and assistance to affected communities. For millions of Haitians, this radio station has become a trusted voice and a symbol of hope, providing a forum for dialogue, encouragement, and positive change.


Country: Haiti

Genre: Christian, pop, news, talk, sports

Language: French

Radio 4VEH
Radio 4VEH
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